World's First All-Electric Commercial Aircraft Takes First Successful Flight
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World’s First All-Electric Commercial Aircraft Takes First Successful Flight

In Vancouver, Canada, the ePlane has taken its first flight.

Harbour Air, who is North America’s largest seaplane airline and magniX, known for their electric aviation technology, have teamed up to make history.

Enter The ePlane: All-Electric Aircraft

The 6-seater all-electric commercial aircraft has completed the first successful flight of an all-electric aircraft at Fraser River in Richmond YVR South. It was piloted by the founder of Harbour Air, Greg McDougall.

The ePlane is a DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver magnified by a  magni500 propulsion system, giving the system 750-horsepower (560 kW) in power.

They are now beginning their approval and certificate process for them to retrofit this technology on their aircrafts to continue their future into all-electric propulsion.

magniX and Harbour Air will now begin the certification and approval process for the propulsion system and the retrofitting of aircraft. Once the certification is complete, the rest of the fleet can be magnified with magniX’s all-electric propulsion technology.

The Bottom Line

This is a first step, a big first step into all-electric aircraft technology, planes and many more. We are one aspect closer to full electric travel. We are excited to see where this technology takes Harbour Air and magniX. Congratulations on your first historical flight, here’s to many more.

Photo by: Harbour Air

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