Introducing Green LXRY

Green LXRY (Luxury) is a digital luxury magazine with a continued pursuit and education of eco-friendly and sustainable luxury.

It was initiated through the start of LXRY Magazine (Luxury), the world’s number 1 online source for Canadian Luxury.

Through this, the pursuit for global luxury has come into full stride with the launch of WORLD LXRY in 2017.

At Green LXRY, we aim to be the number source for sustainable luxury and we know how that’s going to be accomplished.

Knowledge. Experience. Passion.

The Knowledge to make you more aware of eco-friendly products or alternative experiences to help you make better decisions.

The Experience to show what you can expect from a certain product or service or it it’s an improved experience compared to what is standard.

The Passion to constantly never settle on how the world can be improved by innovations in products, services and experiences.

Showcasing Better Alternatives

Green LXRY promotes luxury goods, services and experiences that aim to provoke readers to find a fulfilling an elevated and more sustainable lifestyle.

A lifestyle that is about an awareness of how they live and what impact they can have with the right awareness.

It’s about setting a very high standard for yourself and how you can impact your environment and others.

Green LXRY will use new media, cross marketing, collaborations, and word-of-mouth to promote.

We would need your help to promote these as well.

Share the stories that connect with you the most and get the word out about these sustainable alternatives.


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