The Celebrity Flora Is An Eco-Friendly Yachting Experience in Galapagos

The Celebrity Flora, by Celebrity Cruises, is a yacht that has both eco-friendliness and the destination in mind.

It’s a 100-passenger yacht that has all outward-facing windows that showcase both the journey and the destination on arrival.

It even has a penthouse suite that lets you allow the friendly seas from an elevated position both internally and externally. Enjoy 1,228 sq. ft. top spot as it poses to be a home away from home suite for the one group of individuals lucky enough to book it for each trip.

Besides that penthouse suite, the mega boat has many other suites to enjoy as well that range from a well-formed 330 to 559 sq.ft. rooms with lovely resting spots and a modern colorway.

The Celebrity Flora also showcases designated trips on their website with 10&11 night voyages to Quinto, Ecuador.

What Makes It Green LXRY

The Celebrity Flora has the ability to travel on station without the use of anchors, helping protect the coral and sea from bottoming out. The solar panels on deck (the first ship of this size to have solar panels), help with emissions help supply the ship with more electricity.

The yacht also uses reverse osmosis equipment to process seawater and freshwater to supply the ship with all of its water needs.

The ‘Godmother’ of Celebrity Flora

The yacht also has employed, Yolanda Kakabadse, the ‘godmother’ of the Celebrity Flora. She is a wealth of knowledge and a prominent leader in environmental efforts, sustainable development, and biodiversity preservation. Kakabadse actually was the former Minister of Environment for the Republic of Ecuador and a former president of both the International Union for Conservation of Nature and World Wildlife Fund International.

Learn About Oceanography Direct From Celebrity Flora

In addition to its fundamentals in sustainability, the yacht will be the first of its kind in the Galapagos to be equipped with oceanographic technology making it a great way for scientists and even those onboard to view open-source data surrounding ocean circulation dynamics, surface temperatures, and findings when its come to information around hurricanes.

Collaboration With The Frost Museum

The yacht has also collaborated with the Frost Museum of Science to develop educational videos surrounding the Galapagos.

EarthEcho International

The Celebrity Flora has also partnered with EarthEcho International, a nonprofit organization founded by Philippe Cousteau Jr. This is to develop a new generation of environmental advocates through programs you can experience and learn more while you are onboard.

Photos: Celebrity Flora

The Bottom Line

As you can see from the vast number of programs and educational experiences, the Celebrity Flora is focused both on an elevated experience while you are yachting around the Galapagos. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly, sustainable way to travel around the Galapagos, but you don’t want to compromise luxury travel, then be sure to look into the this experience.

Book your trip or learn more about the Celebrity Flora through their website.


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